Winning Feathers Annual Public Speaking Contest

Published on 10.27.2020

D31 2002

So that kids could demonstrate their speaking abilities, Winning Feathers, a Soft Skills Institute headquartered in Georgia, organized a public speaking contest on May 19, 2019 at the Forsyth Conference Center in Cumming, GA.

Depending on their age group, kids selected from over 100 interesting topics, from water conservation, plastic pollution, gun violence, education system, and family values, to imaginative topics like a visit to outer space. There were 32 finalists and 9 winners from age groups 7 years to 17 years. The event had a huge attendance from parents and speaking community and was very professionally managed with the intent to encourage kids.

Chief guests attending were Rep. Angelika Kausche (Johns Creek), Angela Zera Allen (Advisory Board Member GSU and an angel investor); Dennis Brown, Forsyth County Commissioner; Shilpa Jadwani (Immigration Attorney); TEDx coach Pam Leinmiller. Ms. Leinmiller declared that the caliber of speeches given by the kids was very impressive and that it’s inspiring to see the commitment of Winning Feathers to prepare the next generation.

Winning Feathers is the brain child of its founder Apurva Ghelani; it is co-owned by Parth Patel, CEO of Six Consulting. To train kids in developing soft skills, Winning Feathers offers public speaking and interpersonal communication classes online with structured curriculum by coaches with degrees in communication from universities such as NYU and UC Berkley. Mr. Ghelani shared an inspiring story, myths about public speaking, and facts about how, according to Warren Buffet, public speaking can increase one’s personal network. The event was sponsored by Paramount Software Solutions.

Winning Feathers Annual Public Speaking Contest

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