The “Great Resignation” News Round-up: November

Published on 11.05.2021

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It seems like everyone is writing about the “Great Resignation” these days. We’ve rounded up some of the best articles on this paradigm shifting topic written in the month of October so you don’t have to!

–> NPR: The Great Resignation: Why People Are Leaving Their Jobs In Growing Numbers

Here’s a 12 minute listen from NPR’s Audie Cornish speaking with Laszlo Bock, co-founder and CEO of the human resources company Humu, about the basic human need for respect. Click the title above to listen.

–>Business Insider: The Great Resignation is just the beginning. We have to prepare ourselves for a post-work world.

Marie-Christine Nizzi is a Research Associate in the Cognitive Science Program at Dartmouth College, so she brings some of her expertise to the table here.

Nizzi argues that we may look back at the last few years as “the first slide into the post-work age” and offers four keys to better prepare for this new age: (1) time, (2) success, (3) identity and (4) meaning. Click the title above to learn more.

–>BBC Worklife: What we’re getting wrong about the ‘Great Resignation’

What are we “getting wrong” about the Great Resignation? Bryan Lufkin argues that the data isn’t concrete yet, and points out that the idea that “all people leaving the workforce are doing so voluntarily in order to create a better working world” might not be the best way to understand what’s happening. Click the title above to learn more.

–>The Atlantic: The Great Resignation is Accelerating

Derek Thompson writes about “The Great Resignation” is more than just people think about or quitting their job. It’s driving a “rewrite of the basic terms of employment,” or “the Great Reset,” where Americans don’t put the idea of “work” front and center. Click the title above to learn more.

–>Forbes: What Employers Can Learn From ‘The Great Resignation’

Shareen Luze writes that there are four lessons for employers to learn: (1) embrace flexibility, (2) support employees, (3) find purpose, and (4) authentic conversations. Click the title above to learn more.


The “Great Resignation” News Round-up: November

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