The “Great Resignation” News Round-up: February

Published on 02.23.2022

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It seems like everyone is writing about the “Great Resignation” these days. We’ve rounded up some of the best articles on this paradigm shifting topic written in the month of February so you don’t have to!

The last link is my favorite, but highly recommend reading them all!

–> Wired: After the Great Resignation, Tech Firms are Getting Desperate

Here’s a 10 minute read on the situation in some Western (the US, the UK, Germany) tech firms. Despite the article’s lead focus on paying potential employees to interview them — the more interesting nugget in this one comes in the final paragraph:

“Attracting candidates with office perks like a beer keg in the kitchen or flexible work-from-home policies is a thing of the past … People are tired of being overworked and underpaid, and want an employer who cares about their overall well-being and future success.”

We agree! Click the title above to learn more.

–>Fortune: Fight the Great Resignation by changing how you treat the workers who stay

Okay, technically this is from January– but it’s such a well-written and insightful article that we’re gonna look past the date issue.

The writer of this one interviews two co-founders of a professional coaching program to learn four steps leaders can take to cut down on turnover. We agree with the coaches, though we think developing leaders in your own company might be more important than all four of these steps combined. Click the title above to learn more.

–>ITIJ: Avoiding the Great Resignation by offering a supportive workplace

The International Travel & Health Insurance Journal (ITIJ) isn’t the first place I’d think to look for an insightful take on the Great Resignation, if I’m being honest. However, this data-driven short read uses a recent New Zealand study to argue that supportive employers are often seen as “the best thing about a job.” That’s a key insight for those looking to retain top talent. Click the link to learn more.

–>The HR Director: Keeping Employees in the Great Resignation Era

Here’s probably the most important quote from this article:

One trend that will go down as a Covid-19 relic is the ‘Zoom party’. After a final flurry at the start of 2021, searches for virtual party ideas are now firmly back at pre-pandemic levels. With Zoom fatigue establishing itself as a common phenomenon, it’s clear that the office party doesn’t translate so well in the hybrid world. Employers need to consider different methods of socialisation that will work for employees and ease back into in-person team events to boost morale and collaboration.

Zoom fatigue is real. Socialization is a complex part of corporate life, and we’ve been been hung up on one way of doing things for too long.

One way of fighting Zoom fatigue is to head back to the office, but that’s not a reality for all, and some employees still treasure remote work. The better way of fighting Zoom fatigue is changing how we socialize remotely. Winning Feathers is uniquely positioned to coach your team through that with remote soft skill courses that encourage interaction instead of trying to map in-person communication onto the digital.

Click the link above to hear more about strategies to keep employees in the Great Resignation era.

–>Inc: Free Cars, College, and a Chance to Meet Celebs: 9 Unusual Great Resignation-Era Employee Perks

Okay, last one is just for fun. It’s clear that the benefits package has changed in the last few months. Vacation time and a good healthcare plan aren’t going to cut it anymore to attract and retain top talent.

This article details nine of the wackiest real-world employee perks, but you don’t need VR headsets or a celebrity meeting for your company.

At Winning Feathers, we think offering employees a benefits package that gives them room to find their voice — memorable and engaging soft skills coaching — is worth more (and cheaper!) than all nine of these outlandish ideas put together.

See our corporate workshops here.


The “Great Resignation” News Round-up: February

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