Scholarship objective

Strong, tested communication principles and skills are crucial for all young people, no matter
their background. We’re announcing this need-based scholarship because we want to lift the
voices of those who may not typically have access to a program like this. In this way, we hope
that this opportunity is the first step in your child’s journey toward making a more equal world.

Scholarship Details

Applications will be reviewed and approved on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be
notified via the email you register with regarding the application’s outcome.

If granted, our scholarship can be applied toward Public Speaking Introduction workshops
scheduled for the months of February and March 2021. These sessions typically take place after
school (after 4 p.m. EST) and on the weekends. Because our classes are live and experiential,
space is limited, so if a specific batch is full, we will add your student to a waitlist until new
batches open up.

Each level 1 Public Speaking workshop includes three 2-hour live classes with college-educated
instructors. Upon completion of the workshop, a certificate will be issued to the email address
used for registration.

For now, level 2 classes and other programs offered by Winning Feathers are not covered under
this need-based program. However, we are seeking donors and sponsors who may be interested
in supporting students or groups of students. If you, or someone you know would like to partner
us with in this important mission, please contact

Scholarship requirements

Students must be between the ages of 8 and 15 years old.

Applicants parents must fill out the following form completely and accurately.

Eligibility is limited to families with a combined annual income of less than $30,000.

Applicant’s parents must submit their last two pay stubs or 2019 tax returns as proof-of-income.

Students must have access to a stable internet connection and a laptop computer with a webcam capable of running Zoom video conferencing software.

Applicants must complete an audio/video consent form and agreement to participate in all 3 workshop sessions.


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We have worked with Ivy league coaches, trained publicly speaking industry professionals and developed a kid-friendly curriculum that’s proven to be very effective

We have trained over 3500 kids so far that have received certified online training classes

We offer 4 levels of certification from levels 1 to 4 for public speaking, level 1 and 2 for debate and level 1 class only for interpersonal communication skills. Level 1 is the starter program and each level advances the student to more advanced skills. Levels need to be completed in progression only and to see true benefits and outcomes we highly recommending completing the entire journey.

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We currently offering kids classes to U.S. based students only.

During the 9 week program, we offer up to 1 make up class to catch up.