Public Speaking for Women?

Published on 11.05.2021

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In this article, we take a brief look at a recent workshop that focuses on teaching public speaking especially for women. To learn more, visit Workshops.

Waving her hand, Head Coach Taylor says goodbye to the small group of women she’s spent the past few evenings with.

She’s just finished Winning Feathers’ latest three-day workshop for adults: Public Speaking for Women.

“This workshop is honestly one of the best things we’ve done,” says Taylor. “The conversation has been open and filled with positivity … at the end of every workshop it’s kind of hard to say goodbye!”

A still from the workshop in progress. Coach Taylor leads in the top left corner.

These three-day workshops are becoming more common for Winning Feathers, as the institute expands its mission of teaching soft skills beyond just children. Public Speaking for Women focuses primarily on three specific areas: Clarity, Delivery, and Expression.

And according to Taylor, the results have been great so far, with the interest and number of signups demanding a second workshop, set to take place later this month.

“I like the pace and practice during the sessions,” says one mother of three, “it’s not like a recorded workshop. The live instruction gave us an opportunity to actually try what we learned.”

Coach Taylor agrees: “We could have talked for hours,” she says, “it’s partially a learning opportunity — to talk about things like enunciation, effective pauses, and strategic imagery — but also just an opportunity to connect and build confidence.”

An example slide from the workshop.

The workshops are scheduled for evening times that accommodate women with busy schedules and mothers with children.

Public Speaking for Women?

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