Public Speaking for Kids – Prepare for a Confidence Boost

Published on 02.17.2021


Learn how public speaking for kids can boost confidence in your child.

Each child has a voice unique to them. They have their own thoughts and feelings and want to be heard. Growing up, many children are taught to wait and speak; listen to instructions and then follow suit. It’s true that this is a vital skill for children and necessary to become happy, successful adults. Yet without pairing this with good communication skills, the child will never learn to find their own, original voice.

Understanding Public Speaking, Children, and Confidence

In a 2016 study, elementary school students were tested on their public speaking skills. According to the judges, the students were meant to “manage eye contact, gestures, mimics, and posture to some degree, to speak clearly, fluently, and at an understandable speed, to use appropriate and proper grammar and vocabulary, to use basic structural elements, and to consider audience characteristics.” 

Not only are these great skills to practice for a public speaking competition, but a shy child practicing how to manage eye contact, speaking at an understandable speed, and using appropriate vocabulary will give them the confidence needed to thrive

According to a study called “Fostering Elementary School Children’s Public Speaking Skills: A Randomized Control Trial,” public speaking is defined as the ability to perform based on three factors, knowledge, motivation, and skills

The study claimed that speakers who worked to improve in these three areas are more successful in conveying their thoughts, feelings, and opinions to their peers, teachers, and family. In short, the knowledge, motivation, and skills children gain while learning public speaking gives them the confidence to share with others. This helps the child improve and build lasting relationships. 

Children Should Feel Confident Anywhere

The benefits of learning public speaking doesn’t just show up when children face an audience. Teaching public speaking to kids is a great way for them to feel confident around different types of people, an issue shy children frequently face.

Learning to use research skills to create ongoing, compelling arguments helps children better interact with others as well as push them out of their comfort zone. This is also a great way to encourage listening skills as they interact with their audience and hear what their peers have to contribute.

Public Speaking is Great for Children

Practicing public speaking is a great way to boost a child’s confidence and get them out of their shell. Not only does it promote critical thinking and creativity, but it helps develop strong communication skills along the way. 

Special courses like Winning Feathers give children the skills needed to shine with confidence. There are four, nine week long public speaking courses for kids which guides children from an introduction to public speaking through mastering persuasive speaking. Each course takes students through different public speaking skills, such as informative speaking, impromptu speaking, and persuasive speaking. After graduating, your child will receive a certification and can compete in public speaking competitions against other children.

Practice Activities

Mastering public speaking requires commitment and dedication. Luckily, there are many at-home activities you can do with your child to help them learn and improve confidence. 

  • After school or classes, encourage your child to tell you about their day. Push for as many details and facts they are willing to share. This starts the conversation and gets them speaking, a crucial first step. This is also a great way for them to start gauging how their listeners (you) react to their story. 
  • Have them read their favorite stories to you until they feel comfortable. Then try opening the audience up to the whole family. While there is still an audience listening to them, they will feel comfortable enough to practice their skills without feeling too shy. 
  • Have your child write down something they find interesting, such as facts about their favorite subject, a personal story, or even a made up story. Then have them dictate this to you and the family in a way that practices their public speaking skills like tone, volume, and structure. 

While mastering public speaking for children might take time and effort, Winning Feathers makes the process fun and informative. They know how to encourage your child to use their words in a confident, efficient way.

Public speaking allows kids to find their voice in their own way. It is important for them to see themselves with as much potential as you do, sometimes they just need a little push. But when they get there, not only will they find their voice, but they will command the room.

By Alison Hartzler

Public Speaking for Kids – Prepare for a Confidence Boost

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