Presentation Skills

Have you wanted to improve your communication skills? Do you feel like you can’t articulate yourself in the most effective way at work, home, or in your community? Our mission is to help you learn the soft skills necessary to become a better communicator and leader.

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Stress Management

The world is becoming more complex by the minute, leading to stress and discomfort which can directly affect an employee’s drive and output. In this interactive workshop, our creative and exercise-based approach suggests innovative measures employees can take to improve their mental health and focus more intently on the work at hand.

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Conducting Effective Meetings

A bad meeting doesn’t just lower team morale, it affects productivity. We have expert communication and organization strategies for both presenters and contributors to make meetings more enjoyable and productive. We also offer specific plans for your team so they leave feeling organized and prepared!

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Talk to the Camera

Coaching for not only how to present on camera, but how to capture your audience’s attention and demonstrate professionalism and poise to make the best impression.

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Interpersonal Communication skills like empathy unite co-workers and bring productivity and positivity in the workplace by centering employees around concepts like perspective, trust, and active listening.

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Active Listening

Listening seems commonplace but the best leaders know it’s an important skill to develop. Listening with your whole body means learning how to reframe our habits to become a better communicator.

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Assertive Communication

Your employees will learn how to address their co-workers and their clients with passion and drive using real-world group activities and exercises that challenge them to perform.

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Persuasive Speaking

Many employees lack the ability to analyze their audience, build strong arguments, and speak with confidence. This workshop provides tools that help them feel equipped when they face a moment of opportunity.

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Conflict Management

Conflict keeps your company and team from their full potential. Our coaches move your team through how to compromise, collaborate, and accommodate others so that conflict is managed respectfully and justly.

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Building Great Leaders

Leaders are the core of any successful organization and should be highly respected. Our coaches help leaders make SMART goals and devise action plans to make tangible strategies and effective decisions.

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Critical Thinking

Critical thinking unlocks a person’s potential to analyze and evaluate information. Our coaches help your employees to become more disciplined thinkers and better understand their environment

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Team Building

Even a collection of the most skilled individuals is no match for the efficacy of a cohesive team. Using expert research and small group activities our coaches bring teams together organically.

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Workplace Inclusivity

Diversity should be celebrated and inclusivity should be common. Our coaches teach employees how unconscious bias affects our decision making skills and what steps we can take to make an improvement.

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