Level 2 – Certification program

Practicing Interpersonal Skills m

Level 2 is called Practicing Interpersonal Communication Skills, and students will put Level 1 into practice in their daily lives including intercultural communication, conflict resolution, working in groups, dealing with challenging situations, and even how to navigate the online environment safely.

Level 2 – Certification program

Interpersonal communication Program

Our expert coaches and small-class sizes create a stimulating, engaging online-learning environment where your child can explore the basics through to the more advanced techniques of public speaking – and try out their new skills with their classmates.

About this class

In Level 2 Interpersonal Communication Certification, students will apply their interpersonal skills discussed in Level 1 to various settings, audiences, and situations.

Class detail

Online only
9 modules
Study: up to 1 hour per week
8 week program
Cost: $249

Class features

Situational interpersonal communication exercises
Live online learning from home
Personalized coaching
Proven outcomes

What they’ll learn:

Build an Interpersonal Communication Toolbox for daily life.

Understand how to develop and maintain strong and positive relationships.

Apply effective conflict resolution skills.

Illustrate effective interpersonal strategies with peers, adults, and new people.

Practice interpersonal techniques in groups and with different cultures.

Navigate positively throughout a variety of difficult conversations, both in social and school

7-9 Years old

$249 Level 1 – 8 weeks study

7-9 Years old

$249 Level 1 – 8 weeks study

7-9 Years old

$249 Level 1 – 8 weeks study


My son has received level 4 certification & it has transformed his ability to articulate concepts with a lot of clarity. Very structured curriculum yet fun experience for kids.

Pramod Sajja

CEO, Paramount Software Solutions

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