World-Class Live Soft Skills Workshops For Your Employees

Power skills for your employees- employee benefits that drive growth.

Live World-Class Soft Skills Workshops for Your Employees.

Powerful communication skills as an employee benefit; engaging and tested workshops that drive retention and connect workplaces.

What Does the Employee Journey Look Like?

For $29.99 per employee per month, these live certification programs motivate your workforce toward soft skill excellence.

Learning Presentation Skills
Stress Management
Conducting Effective Meetings
The Journey Continues...
It seems like everyone is writing about the “Great Resignation” these days. We’ve rounded up some of the best articles on this paradigm shifting topic written in the month of October so you don’t have to! –> NPR: The Great Resignation: Why People Are Leaving Their Jobs In Growing Numbers Here’s a 12 minute listen […]
In this article, we take a brief look at a recent workshop that focuses on teaching public speaking especially for women. To learn more, visit Workshops. Waving her hand, Head Coach Taylor says goodbye to the small group of women she’s spent the past few evenings with. She’s just finished Winning Feathers’ latest three-day workshop for […]
Communication classes — what are they? You may have noticed that “communication classes” are popping up at major universities and high schools around the country. This blog post will help you understand a bit about what these classes teach and how they define communication. It will also conclude with some thoughts on exactly how these […]

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