World-Class Institute for Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication & Debate

Fun, interactive bite sized workshops to unlock power skills –drive engagement & growth.

How Does the Public Speaking Program work?

Below is a comprehensive certification journey for your child to practice the superskill of public speaking.

Level 01
Introduction to public speaking
Level 02
Informative speaking
Level 03
Impromptu speaking
Level 04
Persuasive speaking: Masterclass

Interpersonal Communication Program

A proven program to enhance social emotional skills and become a confident & resilient communicator.

Level 01
Building Interpersonal Communication Skills
Level 02
Practicing Interpersonal Skills

Debate Program

Learn the art of creating, delivering and responding to well-reasoned arguments.

Level 01
Introduction to Debate
Level 02
Advanced Debate & Argumentation

What do our students say?

I used to go on the stage and not remember what to say. I had a lot of stage fright. Now, I can write good stories and speak them confidently in front of an audience.


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Meet Simran, one of our latest public speaking success stories! Blogger Alison Hartzler guides us through an interview with her. ****** Simran, now a Winning Feather Public Speaking course graduate, shines brightly amongst her family and fellow fifth graders. What one might see as tiresome or boring, Simran sees as an opportunity. When others are […]
Communication classes — what are they? You may have noticed that “communication classes” are popping up at major universities and high schools around the country. This blog post will help you understand a bit about what these classes teach and how they define communication. It will also conclude with some thoughts on exactly how these […]
More than 2,500 young students across the country have attended over 10,000 live online classes with highly skilled communication instructors. Winning Feathers also organizes public speaking contests for children to practice and face the audience to help overcome stage fear, giving them a voice literally and figuratively. “Winning Feathers was started to lift voices, to […]

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